Overall, the more we know about sleep, the better equipped we are to manage our own health. We make wiser choices, are better friends and coworkers and safer drivers. We reduce our risk for life-altering and costly chronic illnesses. In a broader sense, this may mean a smarter, less-stressed, more productive, healthier and safer society.

How the Sleep Industry Has “Awakened”
By Moe Kittanek

CEO of One Mall Group
July 15, 2015

Shuteye was created as a way to address the sleep difficulties in one of the most vulnerable and formative times of one’s life: undergraduate college.

Nine out of ten Americans who suffer from sleep disorders go undiagnosed for 15 years, with an onset typically taking place in their late teens to early twenties. The undergraduate college environment is the perfect place to help teach healthy sleep habits that will follow students into their adult life.

The college environment focuses on achievement and provides for an exciting time for students to build their own schedules and routines. However, it does not yet help students create healthy life patterns around sleep.

New opportunities and social outlets are around every corner, causing an overabundance of options for participation and involvement. American culture outwardly recognizes tangible accomplishments, yet fails to look at the consequences of these accomplishments. It’s more reputable to score a high score or achieve something grand in a short amount of time than it is to brag about a good night’s sleep. Sometimes, forfeiting sleep can provide the edge that a student needs for extra outward recognition, regardless of what it cost their bodies.

In addition, undergraduate college students, aged 18-24 years-old, have the benefit of youth on their side. It’s hard to feel the immediate down falls of sleep deprivation at that age, yet it’s a time when sleep habits and life patterns are being forged. It’s not easily acknowledged that these patterns will persist into adulthood and the workforce, yet they might no longer be sustainable. Shuteye offers a viable platform for students to learn about their sleep life, build healthy habits and implement helpful tools for both academic and life success.