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Shuteye is your go-to resource for sleep education in the college environment. We provide collegians with optimized sleep strategies to help them improve their quality of life, health and academic success.

We get it…

You are busy and want to enjoy everything that college has to offer; from a full social life to sports to the honor roll. We’ve created an informed sleep strategy that will still allow you to fully participate!

The fear of missing out stops a lot of college students from getting regular sleep. Late nights have the elusive pull of creating the funniest moments, exploring new found freedom, and enjoying dynamic social time. We’ve all been told to get more sleep for our health, but how does that realistically fit into the college schedule?

I’m here to help you create an intentional approach to your sleep life through sleep optimization strategies, without missing the best part of college. This approach to sleep will allow you to participate fully as a college student and enjoy the freedom of a new schedule.

Did you know that 73% of college students exhibit sleep problems that cause major health complications and life issues relating to sex, academics, appearance and creativity?

These sleep irregularities are a contributing factor to American college students ranking well below their peers in other countries.

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